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About Me

My Background

I have always enjoyed Mathematics so, after studying my A Levels, I decided to study the subject at the University of Southampton where I received a First Class Degree and won an award for finishing top in my class in operational research.  Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher, which is why after my degree I decided to train at the University of Reading for my PGCE. I then got my first job at a local school in Wokingham where I have taught GCSE and A Level Mathematics for 7 years. During this time, I taught KS3, GCSE, A Level Mathematics, Further Maths and Statistics.  I live with my family in central Wokingham close to Tesco, where all my tutoring sessions will take place.

My Teaching experience

Having worked as a secondary teacher in a local school for seven years I fully understand the GCSE curriculum and how it is becoming more competitive than ever for pupils to get higher grades. The new style grade boundaries mean that a small boost of a few marks can make a big difference to a student’s final grade.  As Key stage 4 coordinator I spent time investigating this curriculum to write Schemes of work for the change to the new exams. This means that I have a vast understanding of the requirements for the new GCSE. 

Exam Marker

I have marked three GCSE and A level exam sessions for two of the biggest exam boards. This year I have been part of training new markers on the new curriculum exams and will act as a team leader for a group of examiners during the marking period. I enjoy my role as an examiner and it has taught me a lot about exam questions and mark allocations. Consequently I fully understand the new GCSE and A level exams and can advise on exam technique to students.



A typical KS3 session would begin with a focus on classwork to ensure that the student is up to date and understanding topics from school. The aim of this is to ensure that the student feels confident with the maths they are currently learning. I try to avoid covering topics that a student has not yet seen in school. 

If we still have time I like to spend it on problem solving questions. This is to encourage the student to think outside the box and use their maths skills in new contexts. I also find that these problems can be enjoyable for students and promote confidence in their ability.


GCSE sessions will always begin with an overview of current topics learnt in school. It is important at GCSE to ensure that students do not fall behind with any topic as the curriculum has expanded and consequently content is sometimes taught faster.

I try to make sure we do at least one set of mixed questions each session to ensure that the majority of topics are constantly being covered and do not get forgotten. I will usually give a similar set of questions to be completed as homework for the following week. The aim of this is for students to continue these methods in a different environment that will hopefully make it easier for them when it comes to revision in year 11.

Closer to exams I will focus on exam questions and discuss exam technique.

A level

I can provide revision for Maths and Further Maths at A level. My strengths are suited to students that would mainly benefit from revision in Pure, Statistics and Decision mathematics.

With A level students we will usually look at homework that has been set by school and recent topics to ensure that the student is keeping up with the fast pace of A level. A level maths is a big step up from GCSE so it is important not to fall behind at any point.


I charge £50 for each one hour session.


All sessions take place in my home near Tesco in Wokingham. This allows me to run more sessions and have all my resources to hand.


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